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Card Creation

  • No creating multiple cards from the same piece of artwork, unless it is cropped significantly differently.
Insert good/bad crop example here
  • No plagiarism: Cards you create must feature your own artwork only. If you post art on other social media sites, link them on your profile.
  • No 0-effort cards: If a card is just a smiley face on a white background or a super-generic stickman, it will be taken down. Don’t worry if your art isn’t the best; if you put thought into your art, it shows.
  • Tag your cards properly: If your art depicts one character but is tagged with another, we can change it, but preferrably it’s tagged properly in the first place.
  • No NSFW art: This includes nudity, sexual themes, extreme gore.


  • No harassment or other rude behavior through DMs, cards, or the like.
  • No botting or currency farming: basically, making multiple accounts farm currency.